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Standard Sightseeing Zagreb – up to 3 hrs

The Standard Sightseeing Tour normally includes a panoramic and a walking tour. The panoramic component takes about 45 minutes, whilst the walking component will normally take some 2 hours. The Panoramic Tour takes us along the range of eight stately Green Horseshoe squares  dating to the fin-de-siècle era in Zagreb, and is followed by a ride to the monumental Mirogoj Cemetery, included in the list of the Association of Significant Cemeteries of Europe. The walking component focuses on the medieval and baroque districts: the gothic Cathedral, a walk through the Upper Town (Gradec), ending with the Dolac Marketplace (belly of the city) and/or Viceroy Jelačić Square.

Note: the preferable meeting point for groups arriving by bus is the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, an easy-to-find and easy-to-hop-on location; naturally, groups staying at hotels or other facilities within the city center may indicate these locations as the preferred meeting point.

The price depends on the number of participants, please see the Price List


Walking Tour – up to 2 hrs

Business people or groups with a pressing timetable may choose this tour, including the sightseeing of Kaptol (Cathedral) and the Upper Town (Gradec). Meeting point: hotel (for hotels located in the City Center) or Tourism Information Center at Ban Jelačić Square 11.

The price depends on the number of participants, please see the Price List


On request, thematic sightseeing tours may also be organized:

  • thematic, tailor made sightseein as agreed with you
  • Zagreb history and arts tour
  • Zagreb Crafts
  • Zagreb Sports
  • Zagreb Music
  • Zagreb by Night
  • Šenoa's Zagreb (literary and historical tour)
  • Sacral objects in Zagreb
  • costumed tours
  • visit to the Church of St. Francis Xavier and the surrounding park
  • sightseeing of Mirogoj Cemetery (see above) with an emphasis on the tombs of eminent and famous persons
  • visit to Medvedgrad, medieval citadel on Mt. Medvednica
  • visit to the charming Town of Samobor or other sites in Zagreb County
  • thematic, tailor-made sightseeing as agreed with you
  • sightseeing by car for individuals: city, surroundings and more distant sites around Zagreb such as Plitvice Lakes, castles and chateaus, or Town of Varaždin, the baroque pearl of Croatia
  • Free cooking workshops (adjusted for people with special needs)